Our latest Understanding Scotland: Economy report continues to shine a light on people’s attitudes to the economy and their concerns about the cost of living.


This edition of Understanding Scotland brings you insights from over 2,000 members of the adult (16+) Scottish public on the most important aspects of our society and economy.

Our new report on economic attitudes and expectations is out now. The survey explores the consequences of the cost of living crisis on Scots’ attitudes and behaviours, with implications for how we shop, eat and live.

In the midst of economic uncertainties, Scots maintain a nuanced perspective, with pessimism lingering but to a lesser extent than in previous waves of this research. While acknowledging economic difficulties, there is a noticeable moderation in negativity. Concerns about general economic conditions, while prevalent, have also subsided from previous waves of Understanding Scotland.

The prevailing sentiment about Scotland’s trajectory remains steady, with a majority expressing a belief that the country is heading in the wrong direction. Notably, women and the youngest generation (16-34) are less likely to exhibit this pessimism.

Healthcare and the cost of living continue to dominate public priorities. The cost of living remains a paramount concern, reflecting the enduring impact of economic pressures. Additionally, there is an increased focus on poverty, indicating a shifting landscape within economic considerations.