Understanding Scotland is a quarterly survey tool measuring the most important facets of our lives and decision-making in Scotland: our society, economy, and environment.

Since October 2021, Understanding Scotland has offered a new, high-quality quarterly survey delivering insights into Scottish behaviours and attitudes towards society, the economy and the environment.

This survey fills a vital gap in research, providing the socioeconomic insights and indicators needed for effective decision-making, with regularity and timeliness.

The survey has presented enormous value since its inception and will continue to do so into the future. Our aims are to:

  • Understand public opinions and attitudes by providing an up-to-date snapshot of public opinions on hot topics, current/relevant debates, and issues of pressing concern to guide effective and informed decision-making,
  • Understand public values by Scotland’s direction of travel, what kind of country we are, and where we are going,
  • Monitor trends: the value of this survey will grow exponentially over time as we monitor, understand and anticipate long-term societal changes

To learn more about the survey or to discuss running your questions on Understanding Scotland please contact info@diffleypartnership.co.uk.